Engraving FAQ

What methods of engraving do you use?

LASER ENGRAVING is the process by which we produce most of our plaques and awards. We create images and lettering on the computer which then controls the burning process of the laser. The laser burns off the top coating material to create sharp images of incredible detail and clarity. We use our laser engraver to create beautiful designs on many materials including aluminum, brass, acrylic, glass, crystal, wood, some plastics, leather, and more.

DIAMOND DRAG ENGRAVING uses a tool that has a diamond tip. The cutter drags across the engraving surface under the control of the computer to create lines that have the “classic” look of engraving. This technique is typically used on brass, aluminum, some acrylics, and other metals.

ROTARY ENGRAVING is mostly used to engraving plastic. This type of engraving uses a cutting tool that has pointed V-shaped edge. There is a flat spot on this cutting edge that varies in size. The computer controls the depth of the cut into the plastic which determines whether the lettering is narrow or wide.

How much can I engrave on a trophy?

The engraving plate size varies from trophy to trophy. Generally speaking, we suggest 3 lines per trophy, with approximately 20 characters per line. Feel free to call or email for further information about a specific trophy.

How much can I engrave on a medallion?

The medal size determines the number of characters that are allowed. Blank spaces count.

Medallion Engraving

1 3/4" 2 lines 9 characters per line
2" 3 lines 13 characters per line
2 1/2" 3 lines 13 characters per line
3 1/4" 3 lines 13 characters per line


How much can I engrave on a plaque?

The engraving plate size varies greatly depending on the particular plaque. If the wording you desire is fairly complex or lengthy, we strongly suggest you consider a full-plate plaque. That would be a plaque in which the engraving plate covers the majority of the plaque. Half-plate plaques generally look best when limited to 4 or 5 lines of text.

Just remember, the laser engraver is capable of engraving a lot of lettering on a plate. But too many characters on a given space simply will not look good. We suggest that you write out what you want and then show it to several trusted people to help you edit. Eliminate any unneeded words and try to express your thoughts in a few, well chosen phrases. Be sure to focus on the person you are awarding…and don’t forget the date! If you submit wording that we feel might look too crowded for a plaque, we will call or email you.

How much can I engrave on a crystal or acrylic award?

The engraving area varies for each award. We generally engrave crystal and acrylic awards from the back in reverse, so that the characters shine and reflect through the award. Some crystal awards look best with a small plate engraved at the base. In general, you can put more words on a crystal or acrylic award than a trophy, but not as many as you might on a full-plate plaque. If you are uncertain, feel free to email us your “rough draft” and ask for some advice.

What if I want something special like ornaments or lines?

Special characters, such as lines and ornaments are usually possible on standard plaques and larger trophies. Simply add these instructions in the “Text for Engraving” box.

How will engraving be formatted?

Engraving will be centered from left to right and top to bottom. Spacing between lines will depend on the award you have chosen and the number of engraving lines. We will engrave in all uppercase letters unless a different option in selected. We are happy to accommodate your requests, if possible. To enter special instructions simply add your comments to the “Text for Engraving” box when you order. You may also contact directly.

Can you put my logo on my award?

We can engrave nearly any company or organizational logo on any material. You can submit your logo as an EPS, JPEG, or TIFF files at a resolution of 300 dpi.. We can also accept CorelDraw files or Adobe Illustrator files. Artwork must be in black and white unless running for full color or gray-scale use. Full color and gray-scale images require conversion and art charges will apply. E-mail files to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (specify your order # in the subject line).

How can I submit my engraving information?

The best way to submit your engraving would be online as you place your order. You may also email your engraving instructions to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For the sake of clarity and ensuring that we accurately can read your instructions, we do not recommend faxing engraving information. If faxing is your only option, please type in a large, clear font . We do not accept hand-written engraving information.
Please Include your order number on all engraving information submitted. Be sure to separate your engraving by product number.

Help! Can you help me with what wording to use on my award?

Sure!  Click on "Need Wording Help?"